Thursday, April 17, 2014


Kate is busy making herself a new pillowcase with some blocks she bought at the MQX vending show.

She has come such a long way in our sewing room....measuring and cutting her own fabric...plotting out the design...drawing the words to embroider...embroidering the letters....sewing all the seams. Focused....lost in her creation....It's such a treat to look over and see her concentrating on her work~

Kate has been coming here for a few years now.....she was a quilter from the start~

 Deanne Fitzpatrick sent along a tote bag with the "birthday" frame that arrived at my doorstep~ It was calling out for my #6 perle cotton! Thanks Deanne!

Making it my own...

Monday, April 14, 2014

Alaska the moon and back~

Quilted for MYBLANKIES
Sweet baby boy quilt headed to Alaska~ 

My favorite pennant so far~this is a blanket that all babies are photographed in whether rich or poor..
all over our country, right?

Pillowy stars and bubbles~

Swirly things and hearts of course....

Lots of texture in the little flags~great job Colleen!

Birth dates to never EVER

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Birthday delivery! and MQX weekend with best buds!!

Best in show~machine quilting~lots of metallic thread, tiny tiny fill with lots of perfect circles!
Stunning work!

I always gravitate toward the whimsical styles and colors~ the happy quilts!

 My Kate and her horses.....she could spot them a mile away!

 We found a booth with horse embroidered blocks to place in a quilt or pillow so Kate was busy choosing her favorite~

 Happy quilt! One for E and Kate combined!
Melody is my favorite HANDS DOWN!! Take a peek at her work~


Another quilter who was demonstrating her approach to these unbelievable quilts.....I need to get her name... be right back...

 AND my birthday present arrived from Nova Scotia~ My Cheticamp frame!! WHOOP! WHOOP!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Flower garden class and an Indian pudding kind of day...

 Quilting class this weekend for our "Flower Garden" project at Quilters Way in Acton...The class is once a month for 12 months...

We could all use 24 months I'm sure to finish!
There are LOTS of inspiring quilts and BOMS and classes at Quilters Way~
This is where we ought to be in the process...oh my....
Once I make the sashing for the blocks I can join the blocks I have made and hang them up and just LOOK at them when I pass!
This one belongs to the teacher of course.....some of us are behind her and some of us are ahead. I am the some of us that are behind~ I think it has something to do with my little people....
I love my little people.....The quilt will be done eventually then I and my little people can put it over us in my big bed and we can talk about their DREAMS...
Here are some pictures of other quilters blocks~ Everyone is hard at work completing this Kaffe Fassett beauty~

Here is another completed border! GORGEOUS!!
close up..

Will you look at these teeny tiny circles......
Demo by the talented teacher Ildi Tary....

Remember I have made ALOT of circles? Well you will be glad to hear that I am SHARING......Here is a gal happily seeking out just the right!

More blocks......for me....Is that another border? oh my....

And this is how we get it done right? Waiting for my friend at the farm....all spread out in my Jeep...good music..heater open....I call it an indian pudding feeling...(hot indian pudding with cold vanilla ice cream) My favorite feeling~

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Signs of SpRiNg, ApPlIqUe, sleeping BaBiEs and MiLLiE

Mr. Vinniedoodles taking a nap for Nana E so she can sneek in some applique,,,,,
 Another year!
 I like to put signs of spring in the nooks and crannies.....
 We have our class this weekend for our Flower Garden quilt so I am trying to be a little productive~
I'll see if I can get some class pictures of all the star students work...It's really amazing!

" Bird by Bird" I am getting there......
 And my Millie watches over whatever I am up to......
She looks like me with one eye open and one half asleep~lol!